El Pan Completa


We have witnessed the rise of massive false myths around bread, wheat, gluten, carbohydrates linked to weight issues, etc. This incorrect information has gained momentum around the world, through digital platforms and democratization of knowledge.
In Mexico, the problem has not reached red flag proportions, but with an increase in health consciousness and issues of obesity and diabetes being rampant among our society, pre-empting the impact of these false myths and disinformation about bread with knowledge and education becomes crucial.

In an effort with AMENAC (Mexican Nutrition Association) and CANAIMPA (National Chamber of the Bakery Industry), we set out to:

-Change bread perception, increasing positive sentiment, and attitudes regarding consumption.
-Debunk myths and reinforce bread benefits through the development of content and information relevant to the target.
-Help people understand the right balance to enjoy bread healthily.

The idea:
Bread is part of our heritage, culture, our family reunions. It is a crucial complement to many of our foods and dishes. It is always present in our tables. It gives us energy, provides fiber, helps our bodies and brains function better, helps us feel satisfied. But bread also makes us feel joy, warmth, it helps us share, accompanies us everywhere, awakens our memories of many moments. Without bread, something would be missing, because bread completes us, physically and emotionally.

The campaign idea builds on the insight that, without bread, there would be a massive hole in our lives. The concept expressed through the slogan: El pan completa (Bread completes us).