Gansito Marinela was a beloved brand with a long history in Mexico. However, it had not been able to connect with a new target: Teens

Our brief: Make Gansito cool for them.

We did not want to pursue the easy road of making the Gansito character behave, dress, and talk like a teen.

We searched for a deeper, more meaningful connection:

Our finding:
For Gen Z, the young people we were trying to win over, NICE IS THE NEW COOL.

They are a genuinely activist, socially responsible generation. Bullies are outdated. Sweet, kind, involved people are “in.”

So we embraced the fact that Gansito had always been nice, sweet, tender, and kind. We owned it, and we finally found the way into teen’s hearts by defining a brand purpose they could relate to, for the first time:
Making life sweeter.

The campaign centers around the insight that doing good tastes/feels good, inviting everyone to join Gansito in its quest to make the world a sweeter place.